Fine and Gross Motor Skills Exercises for Preschoolers

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Finger puppet

In Room C we are constantly looking for ways to incorporate motor skills development with our 2 ½ and 3-year-old kiddos. They really enjoy playing with small finger puppets, and while it helps kids work on fine and gross motor skills, and it also provides them with much needed sensory engagement.finger puppet sharing

Room C has a lot of puppets and felt animals to utilize. Sometimes we will sing songs, and use the puppets to dance along with the song. Sometimes we will read a book and act out what is happening in the story. And other times we will use the felt board to make up our own stories about what characters the kids have chosen to be on the board.finger puppet acting

Puppets and felt animals are a great way to get the children more involved and engaged in the songs and stories they are learning. It is also a great use of imagination and creativity! Try it at home! Even through play, you can constantly be engaging your little one and enhancing their motor skills.

finger pupet reading

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